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Sealey TA113 Amp Hound Parasitic Drain Tester Unboxing Rough & Ready Bench Test

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17 Jan 2020 11:06 - 17 Jan 2020 11:10 #36688 by Andy.MacFadyen
This is an extension of a thread kicked off by Dylan located Here Link to Original Thread .

Unboxing: Well packed arrived promptly in mine arrived good condition although Dylan had problem out of the box that luckily turned out to be a minor issue with his but read his post in the other thread.

First reaction seems like a quality item, it is however one of those tools where you have to read the instructions before trying to use it as the user controls are a bit dated by modern standards.
Link to Instruction Sheet PDF

I had originally intended to test it using a 12v Lead-Acid booster pack using decade box as variable load however I had an Bluetooth battery monitor complete with an inline mini blade fuse and as I previously found draws about o 20ma and decided to use this as a load and compare the readings with a low range DC clamp round the power + supply wire.

Having figured out how to switch it on and enter the fuse type and amperage I tested it with fuses from 1 to 20 amps in the fuse holder.

(1) It works.
(2) It dosen't have menu selections for all blade fuse amps ratings, although this affects accuracy it isn't a deal breaker just choose the nearest available.
(3) Accuracy is surpringly good and the results are repeatable.
(4) It is great as a way to find the crircuit causing a current drain without pulling fuses.

Ideal way to use this is in conjuction with a low range DC amp clamp meter or amp clamp+scope.
Value for money & cost at the current UK sale price (below £40 deliverd) it is a bargain but ...........
Read the instructions first and keep them to hand

" We're trying to plug a hole in the universe, what are you doing ?. "
(Walter Bishop Fringe TV show)

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20 Jan 2020 07:33 #36734 by Dylan
Thanks for the review Andy! Good to know the tool is pretty accurate. I still have to put mine to the test. Next parasitic draw will be mine :) Good point on using it in conjunction with an amp clamp.

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28 Jan 2020 15:27 #37031 by la1z24
I have the Mac branded version. I hate it. You can do everything this tool does, with multimeter. If someone would like to buy mine, make an offer!

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25 Mar 2020 19:20 #38630 by Dtech494
Thanks it looks like like it should make the task very convenient.

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