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Here I offer automotive diagnostic training with an emphasis on engine performance, computer controls and electrical systems troubleshooting. I am an ASE L1 certified Master Technician with 25+ years of experience in the field and 17+ years teaching at Rosedale Technical College in Pittsburgh, Pa. My specialty is engine performance diagnostics, and I have written a text book that I use for my students. It is meant to be a field manual, one that they will actually take with them when they finish school. It is full of diagnostic strategies and testing procedures. This book is available to the public as an eBook or paper book at

In addition, I also offer a library of video resources, showing how to perform the diagnostic techniques taught both in my book and in my class. Both my free channel (ScannerDanner on YouTube), and my paid subscription channel (ScannerDanner Premium) have coordinated playlists that match the chapters in my book and the flow of my class.

If you are new to the automotive field (like my students at RTC) or you’ve been a tech and want to get into more electrical/electronic troubleshooting part of the field, join my online class, right here from my website “ScannerDanner Premium



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In this video we unbox the new Autel Ultra, troubleshoot a lean condition P0171 on a 2016 Chevy Cobalt and show some inside information on how we do screen recordings on both the Verus and Autel. Links to mentioned videos and SD Premium Understanding Short Term and Long Term Fuel
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