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Book EnginePerformanceDiagnosticts 320

very good materials both videos and literature parts

jim antony
25 December 2019

One of your on line student from Lancaster PA . English is my second language and I am so proud to be your student. thank you for your help.

Nimairi Kowa
24 December 2019

I am a mechanic by trade. I am 48 years old. I started my mechanical career in a machine shop. I worked on pneumatic and hydraulic systems there. I then went to the auto field for a few years. I was only able to learn what I could pick up from the more advanced mechanics in the shop. so I moved on to work on Industrial equipment such as Forklifts and Aerial equipment. I was able to take a five year course while being there and many Factory direct training opportunities over a period of 16 years. I now work on earth moving equipment for the last 5 years. Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo, Terex ect. over all the years that I have worked and had training, no one has ever tought me as much or as well as Paul Danner has. People are so very blessed to have this man make this type of training available to the. He is changing the world and making mechanics better all over the world. his training has helped me in so many ways, I just wish I could have had a trainer like him so many years ago. its been a very hard road to travel because I missed out on this type of teaching. I have been tought by many factory direct instructors, but not anywhere close to Pauls

15 December 2019

Greetings. I appreciate the effort you put to make everything work. I have been going through the test papers. they really make a difference in enhancing my understanding. However, they dont seem to cover all the topics as they only extend to week 8. Can more of the papers be uploaded if available? Thanks and have a great one.

The Marathon Champion
You will find chapter review questions for all the chapters in my book in those 8 weeks. My class at Rosedale Technical College is 8 weeks long and that is why they are segmented that way. Thank you!

Emmanuel Odhiambo
14 December 2019

First time here
how can i get an answer from you when i had a question working on a car problem
As you can see, this feedback page is not the place. Use my forum! It is free to join and I have paid moderators who are there to help me help you guys! If you have a specific question about a Premium video, you can post those in the comments sections of the videos (just like YouTube) and I will answer those. If you have specific help requests for a car you are working on, again, those need to go to the forum. I cannot keep up otherwise. Thank you!

14 December 2019


10 December 2019

I haven't joined yet but the videos on YouTube are excellent, your skills as a teacher and a machanic are second to none

danny walker
8 December 2019

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome content and information. I've really progressed in diagnostics because of this site. With your help I passed my L1 test on the first attempt yesterday.

8 December 2019

its very good explaination.

ariel omila
7 December 2019

discovering SD and joining SD premium was the best decision I have made since I can remember, it didn't cost alot for premium but has transformed my understanding of vehicle electronics beyond what I would ever have been able to discover by my own experience.
once you are equipped with the knowledge on offer here it builds confidence, and the fix success rate goes up along with efficiency. and you start to enjoy not being frustrated the same way.
if you really are hungry to learn join up and run with it you will be glad that your historical self made the decision ?.

Stephen Marshall
7 December 2019

I'll tell you what... my diagnostic capabilities have come so much further than I ever thought. Last week, solved a no start issue on a 2001 mercedes c320. Found there to be no voltage going to several modules in the vehicle, with no ability to communicate etc. Was able to trace voltages back to the front SAM using methods I have learned almost completely from scannerdanner. Resolved the no communication/power issues and still no start. Then found a faulty relay that was activating, but only allowing 300 mv to get to the starter relay. Without his teachings, I wouldnt be able to make the money on the side that I do. It's amazing the difference it has made.

7 December 2019

Before scanner danner I was working in a dealership replacing parts according to codes . One day I was working on a older dodge ram and couldn't figure out why the fuel level wouldn't read . Then I so happen to stumble upon a guy teaching students in a classroom how to diagnose a faulty tank sending unit. I was able to diagnose and make money on that repair. This video is what made me realize I needed to better myself. Soon after I'm watching every free video I could of mr paul danner. I work on mostly medium and heavy duty fleet vehicles , mostly diesel and some gasoline. The foundation he provides works on a wide variety of vehicles . I then told myself if I'm learning this much on the free videos I need to invest more time and money to get myself to the next level. Once I was into chapter 3 I was testing and understanding circuit design on the vehicles at work instead of grabbing parts off other vehicles and guessing. I took an even bigger plunge and quit my job to work in the oilfield industry. I start off this job fixing trucks that everyone just gave up on and that caught the attention of the shop manager. Months pass and I'm fixing more vehicles in a week vs the guessing techs in a month. Replacing parts that fixed the vehicle the first time. Soon after I'm placed as foreman and every job since, due to my ability to diagnose and helping others to diagnose and taking the time , to help them understand why I came to the conclusion of the diagnoses. Right now I'm moving up to being service manager. To sum up this long story I really encourage you to take time and invest in your life because paul danner changed my life. My annual income tripled since I invested in scanner danner premium, if you take the time to learn then there shouldn't be any reason why you cant better yourself. Thanks paul I owe my success to your training and I will never forget that.

Andrew Hinojosa
1 December 2019

I went to school at a well known technical school for automotive tech and paid a lot more for a lot less information than Paul Danner gives you on this site. The premium course is well worth the subscription. Skip the expensive technical school and just pay him. He's a better teacher than what you get with the technical schools, he is more professional, and you can learn at your own pace without all the distractions of the dumb guys around you who aren't there to learn.

Ray M.
26 November 2019

I love the class so far. I had bought the book a while back it is packed with information and my wife is paying for the class for my birthday.

Clyde Dunford
20 November 2019

Excellent work and teaching sir

Muhammad Sohail
20 November 2019

It's worse than watching a series on Netflix can't stop watching these videos. Get the book pay the subscription and follow along worked on Aston Martin and jaguar cars my hole life 25 years and have learnt so much right here scanner danner your the man.

Andy northern Ireland

Andrew Lindsay
17 November 2019

Awesome content Paul! Been a premium member since your scanner Danner premium channel on YouTube began and continued to be on your website! Not planning on canceling anytime soon. AVI on demand charge over $100 per video for 1-3hr content on many videos, it is very good content I’m not going to lie but yours is as good as theirs and with 1 purchased video from avi you get a whole year subscription at your premium site! Can’t beat that infinity times! Lol. Thanks to you and your online class I’ve been able to diagnose cars even “technicians” with “years of experience” haven’t been able to diagnose. All credit goes to you Paul! Thank you!

16 November 2019

too many things a learned.

12 November 2019

Paul, hey, new member to premium. I've been watching your videos for over a year now on tube almost enough to think we'd be buddies. Hoping you might know a way to get ASE coupon/voucher A1 -A9 certified wanting to take L1 this week, know I can pass after your training :-) You guys are the Best!
Micheal Cox

Signed frugal, Wichita,ks

Micheal cox
25 October 2019

Hello, I just want you to know that you have been followed all the way in Serbia. And i have been amazed with amount of knowledge that you have and that you are willing to share your with others . I just want to say thank you, and to ask you do you know where I can find similar information about diesel engines. Best regards, and many success in life!! !

Balan Ivan
20 October 2019

Thank you so much!! Single female homeowner that is going through health problems and disability, no income since May 6th 2019 and trying to money anyway I can. Heater motor fan blower started acting up on my 2007 rav4 limited edition and couldnt afford to replace the whole motor and fan unit.

Jamie Zepp
7 October 2019

hey Paul i just joined today i was thinking in the forum for ask a question it would make it quicker if you could have a menu possibly to have questions for specific areas of the car such as transmission or engine or abs .

dan fenos
5 October 2019

Maybe you are one of the kind out there approaching problems like this and that's makes you special.I've learned a lot from you so far yet have a long way to go and i thank you so much .One thing i would like to see more from you is doing your diagnosis with different tools.I mean you use all these fancy tools and that's perfect,hope that everyone could afford that,but i would like to see the same tests at the same case using also more simple tools but still be in the same range of accuracy.
Hope you all the best keep up the good work.

3 October 2019

I very much like the site and the way you are teaching. Your passion for cars tells me you really care about you students and fixing the car right the first time .
I am trying to learn the pull up and pull down circuit .the one example you are teaching is on a ford with the fan running all the time My question is does this also work on a car the has can wires that are also going to the fan . example 07 Mercedes C 280 has 4 tires power ,ground single and can wire , will it work for that car , and if so do i perform it the same way thanks Ray

29 September 2019

Absolutely love this program. I really enjoy learning new things. Education of high quality costs big $$$. This is the best value possible. The feedback I would recommend is a way to not lose your spot during the lessons. When I have to stop watching and return later, sometimes i am right where I left off. Sometimes I have to restart, and there are so many lessons, it’s easy to forget where you were. I’ve started taking screen shots of my current lesson when I take a break. That way I can pick up right where I left off! Thanks

Jordan Mamrak
28 September 2019

Anybody thinking of signing up to scannerdanner needs to stop thinking and just do it. Paul, I just want to thank you mate, since qualifying I've been in the field for just under 3.5 years. I work for a Ford dealership. In that time I've been watching your videos, purchased your book and spend time learning every night after work. I've gone from being the know "nothing" newbie to being a diag tech with people who have been doing a lot longer than I have coming to me for guidance/help. I've had over 9K in pay rises since I started and next year I will be starting my masters training, were I'll get even more money. And I kinda couldn't have done it without you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep up the good work my friend.

Don't be a parts changer, be a scannerdanner student!!

27 September 2019

Hello Paul looking forward to learninig alot from you.

25 September 2019


"Eric the Car Guy" turned me on to your youtube channel. Your S-10 96-2002 spider injection bad regulator case study helped me tremendously.
I recently did a stock 4.3 V6 engine swap and i have few wiring issues.
I'm a shade tree mechanic in my 40's mostly do minor repairs on computer engines for friends and family. Grew up on carburetors and still do Carb work. Never been to trade school so taking the time to learn at your online trade school. My computer diagnostic skills needs work these cars keep getting more complicated. Thank You for putting content out there and spending the time to build a website and make so many videos. Your camera work is amazingly clear, mic is crisp and your explanation of electronics is easy to follow. The projection screen in the classroom is really neat and great tool. I have a separate career from automotive so I'm not going to spend time or money at a tradition trade school I'm married with kids don't have time. But now I can study and learn from your amazing website in my spare time. Thank You again and looking to be a long time subscriber! Cheers

Sam Crawford
24 September 2019


Στέφανος Καντιμοίρης
24 September 2019

I will always be a member even though I dont use this site as I did before as I have learned an amazing amount and I will give you the subscription fee as long as I am alive as I have used your tool and now make a very good living! Thanks and bless you my friend!

David Maynard
15 September 2019

Hello, a couple of weeks ago you were working on a chev Silverado with a ref circuit problem, tac issue, well my 2007 Silverado was throwing different codes, re map and ref circuit A code, low and behold my harness had the same identical hole over the left valve cover, thank god I watched your YouTube, love you from Washington state

Robert Holtz
14 September 2019

Love your website and YouTube videos...
Just watched your YouTube premier on the KIA Sportage body control module... I was wondering if it would be an option.... before messing with power and grounds at the body module to disconnect the battery at the battery and connect the battery cables together to bleed all power out of all the systems to see if the module acts normal... this way you would not be touching any connections at the module....

this came to as a question after i watch your video.....

Thanks for doing what you do... :-)

14 September 2019

If anyone is reading this right now, you should absolutely subscribe to ScanneDanner. Its a minimal investment with a huge return!
My name is Fred, i have bean working on boats for 25 years. I have been to many classes for Marine Engine systems and worked with many different technicians in my field ranging from beginners to Master techs. We all had a very similar way of diagnosing ( hanging upside down in a moldy bilge, holding on the back of a boat trying to read a volt meter or scan tool while under WOT on the water, very dangerous or CHANGING PARTS that were hard to get to to find the problem).
I thought i knew electrical, thought i knew how to diagnose until I stumbled on Paul Danners site ( ScannerDanner ) by accident 3-4 years ago.
It changed my life!

Thank you Paul!

Fred Jochen
3 September 2019

Paul, I wanted to thank you for teaching us what you know . I also thank GOD for you. He placed you in our path for a reason. I'm looking forward to being a part of this fellowship of knowledgeable and humble people. Thanks again.

18 August 2019

ive been on scanner danner paid website for a month and ive learned so much about trouble shooting that I have become the # 1 diagnostic tech in just 1 month time...tremendous respect im commanding now with almost no comebacks.....11 dollars a month is a steal.....just followed pauls instructions and memorized them.....I feel like im cheating because I have paul in my corner to guide me.......keep the site up....thanks so much

manuel alves
1 August 2019

Paul, your book and videos give me a new Direction in my life what I want to do and what I want to work. At the moment I'm working in building but after when I buy your book and when I watching your videos I really want to became a professional in diagnostics.
life changing, Thanks.

Borislav Borisov
30 July 2019