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A tribute to my mom

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13 May 2019 08:42 #29596 by ScannerDanner
A tribute to my mom was created by ScannerDanner
(A quick story of my life)
Wanted to say a public Happy Birthday to my mom this morning. You are the reason I exist, you are the reason I am a follower of Christ. You've shown me who He truly is mom! From the death of my father as an infant, through the years of abuse by my step father, one thing was always there, never waivered, was your faith in God. Oh how you love Him! As a little boy you taught me scripture, my earliest memories of me and Danner and you were so blessed. Then when our worlds were shaken by this man who entered our family, a man who claimed to follow Christ but did not by his actions, a man who destroyed my faith in God. I said f--k you God, I want nothing to do with you and for many years I ran! Yet there you were, a rock of faith, always kind, never judging, always approachable, never a moment where you would say "not right now son"..you never, not once told me, "i can't help you right now Paul, I'm having a bad day". You never judged me and always accepted me for who I was.
You took pleasure in putting yourself last and putting your kids first. Mom I know you still have guilt sometimes for marrying that man, but God even redeemed that! He gave us Max and Barbie! My baby brother and sister. Then as Max senior was on his death bed, after years and years of separation, I watched you take care of this man again. Oh what a gift you gave to Max and Barbie. To see their mom taking care of their dad again.
And what a witness you were to everyone around you. That you could be so selfless as to clean this man and bathe him, when he couldn't do it himself. You allowed us all to see a softness is his eyes that we never got to see in life. I believe he finally knew, on his death bed, how wrong he was and that, in part, by your actions, there was redemption for him too.
I believe we will see him again. I believe he's up there with my dad too.
You allowed redemption to permeate our entire family. You allowed me to see Max senior through God's eyes. You showed me what forgiveness really was! A truth path to freedom. Freedom from the cancer of hate. And most importantly mom, you showed me who Jesus is. You've been a reflection of His glory all the days of my life. If I could only be like you one day. You are my inspiration. You are the rock of our family. One day I will help you carry all of your crowns you've earned in this life to cast before His feet, because I'm certain you won't be able to carry them all yourself. I love you mom.
God is not finished revealing himself to everyone through you, this cancer that you battle now will be a shining example of Him, I know it. He is just helping you write the last chapters of your absolutely amazing life. Mom, I hope I can be as selfless as you one day. You are the most amazing woman I've ever known and this verse applies most definitely to you. Happy birthday mom, may God grant you 15 more :-), that would make you 90 right? I'll take that. Father give her that, help her battle this disease in a way that just glorifies you. We ask for healing and we rest in knowing ultimately you WILL heal her in eternity but selfishly I ask for more time for her here with us. We need her to continue to guide us. Let us keep her a little while longer okay? Just a few hours on your timeline, for you say a day with you is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. Thank you for giving me this woman as my caretaker. For I am not hers, I am yours, you just loned me to her for awhile. But I couldn't have asked for more and I would not change any of my life, even if I could, for through all of this my heart was shaped, through the pain, I became strong and through forgiveness I learned who you truly are, that you forgave us of so much more, that you died in my place, so that I may live. Thank you for allowing your faithful servant Marlene to be my mom. Happy birthday and mother's day again mom. I love you more than I could ever say.

Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

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13 May 2019 11:43 #29609 by Columbus450
Replied by Columbus450 on topic A tribute to my mom
That is so beautiful , man I wish I had a mom like yours ,A mom I can look up too.,, happy Mother’s Day mom keep your head up !

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16 May 2019 15:18 #29722 by chief eaglebear
Replied by chief eaglebear on topic A tribute to my mom
15 lord god for my friend and instructor this is my heart or whatever that number ends up to be lord you are good and it is your goodness that leads men to repentance and to positive change
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