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Oxigen sensor

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24 Mar 2020 14:20 #38594 by Haaland 1
Oxigen sensor was created by Haaland 1

I have seen you video on youtube about afthermarked oxygen sensors to Chrysler. afther this video i got an Aha experiens.

Here is my story:

1. motorlight come on
2. diagnose: PO132 o2 sensor circut high voltage bank 1 sensor, look at picture 1.
3. changed both oxygen sensors who har been labeled BLUEPRINT 101712 to exhaust manifold
4. Afther litte bit of driving. about 5 min. A right turn came and the mortorlight come on with the diagnose: PO132.
5. changed to a new oxygen sensor labeled DENSO 234-4880. Drived a little bithad a right turn and motorlight come on. I don´t know if turing have something with the mortorlight coming on, but the har bine on about 5 min.
6. I have tested the motor for vacuum leak around the airfilter box, airinnhali maifold and all the vacuum hose. evething is close.
7. have changed PCV valve
8. i have checked wires for breaks from 4 stifts oxygen sensor contact, exhause manifoil to the left side of the radiator, look at picture 2. this have done
with stripping off the whole thick wire . didn´t fine somthing that looked like a break.

Additionally infomation:
The car is chiped an the catalyst it taken out. this is to get more power and less gasoline use.
the car is a 2005 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3L AWD ca 19300. the car has driven 193000km, look at picture 3 for Chassi nr.

so then my conclusion is that i need the right oxygen sensor to my car.

CAN YOU GUYS HELP ME WITH THIS. i havre used about 3500nok or $350 US on this

Hogne Haaland

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24 Mar 2020 18:24 #38596 by jreardon
Replied by jreardon on topic Oxigen sensor
Run the car long enough to allow the exhaust heat alone to heat up the o2 sensor and see if the o2 sensor voltage starts oscillating from high to low volts on the scan tool. If not check for the 5v bias voltage on the o2 sensor signal wire directly at the o2 with the key on, engine cold.

Can you elaborate on further on what you mean by chipped? Are there downstream o2 sensors or was that like programmed out or something?

How many o2 sensors have you tried and please take resistance reading of heater circuit as that may be useful data.
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25 Mar 2020 08:43 - 25 Mar 2020 08:44 #38609 by Andy.MacFadyen
Replied by Andy.MacFadyen on topic Oxigen sensor
You need to look at live data
Chrysler bias the voltage from the sensor by 5v because of this the ressistance of the sensor is critical.
Chrysler use NTK (an NGK brand) and recieved wisdom is they don't appear to work with any other brand of sensor.

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