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2 wire Hall effect wheel speed sensor shows wheel rotation with vehicle static

24 Nov 2019 10:48 #35284 by Basil
Has anyone seen this before please? Mercedes GL500 SUV with two wire Hall effect ABS sensors. Fault codes were extensive covering RF ABS and various transmission issues, but live data from Bosch KTS showed the RF wheel as turning erratically with the vehicle stationary! I cleaned the rust dusty and oily back face of the bearing seal with Q Tips (cotton buds on sticks) and alcohol and renewed the sensor, subject to a road test it now seems OK, but could magnetic dust cause a Hall effect to wrongly see wheel rotation? Thanks. I have another issue with this vehicle, long term negative 25% or so fuel trims on both banks and dreadful MPG,(even for a leviathan 5 litre V8) but will post a separate thread. Thanks to all :)

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24 Nov 2019 12:25 - 24 Nov 2019 12:27 #35286 by Andy.MacFadyen
I have seen more than a few issues metalic brake debris with the blue Bosch 2 wire Hall-Effect sensors on BMW and MG-Rover

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26 Nov 2019 11:26 #35338 by Basil
Thanks very much Andy, much appreciated :)

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