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1997 GMC Safari 4.3L Fuel related issue

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20 Nov 2019 23:34 #35174 by joshuamal
1997 GMC Safari 4.3L Fuel related issue was created by joshuamal
All, I was called late this evening with this vehicle possibly having an issue with fuel pump. The customer said, sometimes when the vehicle doesn't start the fuel pump doesn't sound but sometimes it does and don't start. Lately at times it doesn't start but after a bit of cranking it does the the pump goes on and starts. Would someone has any inputs as to what to look for when vehicle comes in? Is the fuel pressure around 60lbs? Is there a safety device or anything that cycles the pump on and off ? Not familiar to much with domestic vehicles?
Also, would someone provide a fuel system diagram? Was said the pump and sending unit was replaced possibly two years ago but the gauge never worked as he has been using the trip millage to know when to refuel? By the way, he explain the vehicle has gas in the tank as he added about five gallons to verify if there was no gas in tank.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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21 Nov 2019 19:58 #35186 by heyinway
Replied by heyinway on topic 1997 GMC Safari 4.3L Fuel related issue
Fuel pressure regulator located at spider (where all the fuel gets distributed on top of intake manifold. I think Scanner Danner has a video posted about that.

Fuel gauge not working...question customer as to how many times they have run out of gas. In-tank pump is sensitive to that...cause pump to fail. There is a filter at the pump that could be plugged.

Wiring connector at pump...check for corrosion and loose fit...if corroded there would be high resistance causing pump to eventually fail. Same with relay in fuse box.

There is a cutoff switch in case of an accident that shuts power off to the pump. Not sure of its location in that vehicle...inside at passenger side transmission tunnel area or in rear of vehicle in side wall area. It is basically a like a circuit breaker...it can be reset. Also could be subject to corrosion in that old of a vehicle.

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