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1994 Dodge B-250 5.2 , no cold fast idle

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30 Sep 2019 11:04 - 05 Oct 2019 10:15 #33936 by MichaelNAzusa
1994 Dodge B-250 5.2 , no cold fast idle was created by MichaelNAzusa
1994 Dodge B-250 , 5.2 , this is a van I have completely gone through engine rebuild blue printed all new sensors OEM parts . All the sensors are working new ECM. Here is the issue. With the engine completely cold, turn the key to the on position the IAC opens way up (Setting itself up for a fast cold idle ) soon as you start the van the AIC closes to a slow idle position, and stays that way when the vehicle is fully warm, then runs great I just don’t have a cold fast idle. I believe something is happening during the cranking cycle what would cause this ? ( Engine was hooked up to a scan tool all sensors working New positive and negative battery cables all ground points cleaned off new 880 cold cranking amp Northstar battery , this is my personal vehicle it is my back up handicap van I’ve had it since brand new so it’s worth making everything work perfect , no wires have ever been cut ,11.35 cranking volts at the battery. DTCs are : 12 , 32 , 32 ( The blinking check engine light gave me a code 32 twice ) ( Engine almost acts like from key on position to actually starting engine going straight to “ Close loop mode “ ).
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