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P0037 - Heater controls good

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06 Sep 2019 21:30 #33451 by tonybushmin
P0037 - Heater controls good was created by tonybushmin
not really a question just wanted to post my story because it seemed very unusual...2013 Kia Rio 1.6L just replaced the catalytic converter and both O2 sensors (my fault originally for not recording the codes before I replaced the cat but oh well novice mistake). Finish the job start the car and I get a P0037 - B1S2 Heater Circuit Low, checked heater power and control with test light and everything is good so sensor, ohmed out pin 3 and 4 on sensor side and I get OL...cool defective sensor, order a new sensor wait all day of course and also ohm out new sensor just to make sure it doesn't have the same issue, sure enough also OL. Now I'm thinking to myself, where did I go wrong, I double check with the diagram and reread the section on O2 heaters in the book noticing a common pattern of identical wire colors on heater circuits (that everyone says every sensor follows) I notice the two new Bosch sensors are pinned wrong with the heater control and sensor ground in my 3 - 4 locations. Repinned the connector everything works great.

Not being familiar with wire colors and circuit design burned me because 1. I have little experience and dont know wire colors just yet and 2. when using my ohm meter I even tried all the other wires for s&gs and got a resistance measurement but not knowing circuit design well enough (and not paying much attention) I missed something that seems so obvious. I also want to add another reason and that is I may have taken the tests in the book and flow charts too literally.

Just wanted to share my experience today with Bosch O2 sensors, thanks guys!

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