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2007 ford Taurus randomly stumbles & dies throws multiple codes

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12 Aug 2019 22:04 #32765 by jroberts302s
hi everybody I have a 2007 taurus 76k ( 2nd new fuel pump 10k ago )
so it started its shenanigans around the 1st of the year thew a p0193

How likely would be if the Taurus had a second bad fuel pump
( it drove fine from 7pm last night till 2:30 am & it stumbled & died a couple times on them.)

I went by the shop that put it in & they couldn’t
“ replicate the problem"

I get it back drive it around for 2-ish hrs finally got it to stumble pulled these codes
hooked up my scanner found 9 codes P0430 , P2198, P2196 , P0191
And misfire 3 , 5 , 6 (fixed them ) still does three codes but starts back up & runs fine

thanks for all the help

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13 Aug 2019 19:12 #32789 by guafa
Hi jroberts,

The codes you mentioned, are giving you clues. look for datastream in your scanner (i suggest you keep an eye on O2 signals and fuel pressure).

Let us know your results.

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14 Aug 2019 17:27 #32818 by Crombie
The fuel rail pressure sensor seems to keep popping up, I've just seen its a 4 wire sensor 3 red and a white I think, left of the intake manifold, I would try getting a wiring diagram for those wires, and do some tests. If it needs to be removed, then its a clip on the fuel line and remove thats next to the fuel rail pressure sensor, and you need to remove the power steering bolt, which needs two wrenchs, and a couple bolts for the sensor, obviously be careful with fuel, Hopefully there's also a shraeder valve to test fuel pressure. The sensor works off engine vacuum, so Im guessing its an electrical regulator, but Im not sure

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