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2015 Toyota Corolla blower motor issue

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07 Jul 2019 19:03 - 07 Jul 2019 19:35 #31509 by joshuamal
2015 Toyota Corolla blower motor issue was created by joshuamal
I have a customer bringing his vehicle in with blower motor issues, apparently sometimes it doesn't works, i need an electrical diagram for the entire system from the starting power source and any inputs you may have.
this is the customer statement, it will work on various speeds for a few minutes then stops. it has been making a grinding noise for about a month.

By the way, how difficult will this replacement be? it has no automatic controls. Should I replace resistor as well?
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07 Jul 2019 23:51 #31520 by Paul6004
Replied by Paul6004 on topic 2015 Toyota Corolla blower motor issue
The fact that it makes a grinding noise suggest you simply have a mechanical issue with the motor and need to replace it - no wiring diagram necessary...

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  • Tyler
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08 Jul 2019 11:36 #31547 by Tyler
Replied by Tyler on topic 2015 Toyota Corolla blower motor issue
Grinding noise? :huh: I'm inclined to agree with Paul, sounds like the bearings in the fan are going out. Or, there's debris in the fan blades.

Replace the resistor if you want? I find that Toyota products usually don't suffer from the blower circuit problems of domestic vehicles. Most 'Yotas go their whole lives with the original blower motor and resistor/controller. Take care not to use cheap aftermarket parts, if possible. You're more likely to install a problem.

Whatever you do, bring a cabin filter, too. It'll be right in your face, and it's good HVAC maintenance if you haven't replaced it recently.

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