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Replace and reprograme a Body Control Unit

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04 Jun 2019 09:19 - 05 Jun 2019 07:46 #30356 by marcus77
Dear Colleagues
I,m about to reprogramme a emplacement BCM-Body Control Unit on the following:
Vauxhall 2013 (GM-Europe), Model: Insignia, 2.0 Liter Diesel.
The original BCM was damaged due to water intrusion and I have the following constrains:
1) I can,t communicate with the BCM; was able to do with the ABS and Elect Power Steering.
2) I'm waiting the Vauxhall server/ Web site to send me the Unique vehicle security code.
3) I will use a second hand replacement BCM. https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/

Has any colleague come across using the official GM server/ Web site (not an off line stored data) to reprogramme a BCM of somehow similar age; This one got the CAN gateway, so this BCM is the main network hub.
I know there are good degree of similarities between GM north America and that of Europe (and off course there are other differences). I have a rough understanding to select; Replace and program ECU in the SPS ; Service programming system.
The main concern is:
Can this work with a second hand BCM having a data related to the donor vehicle?
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04 Jun 2019 15:23 #30363 by chief eaglebear
Replied by chief eaglebear on topic Replace and reprograme a Body Control Unit
I am sure some techs on here can respond keith of new level auto is really savvy on these kind of issues

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12 Jun 2019 05:08 #30614 by Dtnel
Replied by Dtnel on topic Replace and reprograme a Body Control Unit
If you haven't received a reply I'd check with Drew Tech. Google them. They make the programming j-box here in the U.S. as other companies do to but they seem to have the most experience as they sell on AESwave.com and many other sites.

Maybe a call to their tech support line will bring you some quick answers.

I know my cousin in law who works at a auto salvage recycler which is a pretty big company locally had a wrecked 09 suburban he rebuilt back in 2011 and around 2017 he was having issues with locks, windows and everything on the rear of vehicle not working.

Turned out it was the BCM had shorted out as things had shifted in the wreck in the firewall area where the wires went between cab and exiting cab and he wound up putting a used BCM on the suburban after the electrical repair was made. They reprogrammed the used module. GM has the online programming and you have to be online and have a constant steady power battery maintainer as voltage has to be steady and not fluctuating. Also here in the U.S. they say you want to have a battery maintainer that'll do at least 100amps for up to 3min as during the programming it can draw a lot of power intermittently.

Search for GM TIS web or something line that as they don't allow offline programming that I'm aware of. Keeps theft down.

Just wait in the near future the newer cars will have wireless sensors with a power and ground and communicate wirelessly. The manufacturers will save tons of money with less electrical, copper wiring being used but with the millions or way more being saved the car prices won't get any cheaper. It's coming as wireless communication is so cheap hardware wise anymore and if you imagine the mass production of wireless sensors will drive the costs down for OEM but they'll still nail us at the parts stores as well. We're in for some big changes over the next 10-15yrs I'd say.

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