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99 dodge Durango 4x4 5.9 Vehicle Theft Security System

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01 Jun 2019 05:58 #30280 by Dtnel
Had a guy call me yesterday as he was stuck in a parking lot and couldn't get his Durango started . 226k miles with power locks, windows etc

Trying to figure where I went wrong for future reference.

Had no codes. Owner had lost key so he'd replaced the key assembly. HE was getting security light while trying to start. Determined this was a feature that disables injectors to prevent theft.

Went out looked at it. As stated security light was flashing in dash. No codes on the zeus scanner.

Read on shopkey that other than programming ecm we otherwise needed key fob to reset the security if you replace key. Owner didn't have key fob or old key as he'd lost that.

Tried hooking the ADS-625 up to see if maybe there was a function or reset that the zeus didn't have. No luck there.

From what I'd read on the shopkey it said if key fob wasn't present that a reprogram would be necessary.

I advised the owner to install old tumbler and have a locksmith come make him a key if possible.

For a note I did check the owner of the vehicles license, compared it to the registration and insurance as I was concerned that something wasn't right but that all checked out good.

Trying to figure out where I went wrong and what if anything I was missing.

I didn't spend more than 20min on this vehicle as I'd told the owner my timeframe was tight due to having to coach a softball doubleheader for a tournament last night and he was understanding with what time I had.

Needless to say I didn't charge the owner because I couldn't resolve, reset security system or as I say get the repair done.

Even though I had a limited time frame I took a look at it because I needed to get my feet wet in this area more and thought I could handle it.

I'm not defeated but will only become better because of this I feel.

Any suggestions, pointers, etc where I went wrong would be great as I need to learn from this failure to get a confirmed fix.

My call on it was to reprogram. Would I have failed with that approach or should've I taken a different direction being I'd had no codes?

I've got thick skin so feedback is expected even if it's raw but respectful.

Thanks to all!

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01 Jun 2019 18:59 #30302 by John Curtis
This system sends a verification from the CTM to the PCM when the key is turned.I would verify power at the CTM.

Thinking out loud always helps me in the process.

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