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2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit 5.7L - No Start - SKIM / VIN Issue

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18 May 2019 18:36 - 18 May 2019 20:54 #29778 by frischky
Well, like many a repair issues... this turned out to be an experiment gone wrong. Long story short, I wanted to try a 2012 cluster (Color EVIC) in my 2011 Charger Pursuit. A few others have done this (with civilian 2011's) on Charger forums, with no repercussions or lockouts.

After swapping the 2012 cluster in, I got a P0513 (Invalid SKIM Key) from the PCM and a B1A8A (Multi-Module Vehicle Handshake Error)... the second one was not surprising as the Cluster has a different VIN. I am not sure if the first one is a result of the RF-HUB (no WCM on the Charger) basically saying "don't start because of the VIN issue" or not.

No start, fair enough.... so I put everything back together with the original cluster. I reset all DTCs and try to fire it up. Got 2 or 3 starts where the engine would stall after 2 seconds, after that (and since)... I get no crank whatsoever.

I still get the P0513 with all three original keys from the PCM and get the MMVH error as well, though it does not pop up right away.

What I have tried:
- Confirmed in WiTech all the VINs matched
- Flashed/Re-flashed PCM, BCM, RFH and IPC via TechAuthority/WiTech 1
- Rebuilt Vehicle Configuration via TA/WiTech 1
- Erased and Reprogrammed all FOBIKs in the RFH
- Performed the RF Hub "Reset/Replace" procedure in WiTech 1
- Cleared all DTCs in WiTech and AlfaOBD
- Cleared previous MMVH failures from the RFH in AlfaOBD
- Used the Check VIN and Check PCM Odometer functions in WiTech's PCM view
- Used battery charger while performing these functions, as my battery isn't in the best of shape. But also have tried without.

The FOBIKs function fine from a remote standpoint (unlock, lock, trunk) and the RFH reports it has a Valid Immobilizer Key in AlfaOBD... but still it will not even crank, I get the DTC's and the red security light flashing with "Engine Kill Command" set in the RFH. If I disconnect the negative terminal for awhile and reconnect, without trying to start, the RFH reports "Normal" for ECM Skim Status as it hasn't talked to the PCM yet.

When I check in AlfaOBD the reason for the MMVH (I believe it keeps 5 freeze frames) it says "IC" as the cause.

Unfortunately my CAN sniffing tools are located at my new place, about 50 miles away... hoping just to get this car moved out, but it's being stubborn.
My last resort is to buy a new RFH, but want to exhaust all other possibilities (if there are any left) to try and get this to fire up.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks are very appreciated!

EDIT: I tried a used RF Hub (which won't work because of the VIN/SKIM info embedded in it)... but did not receive a MMVH error. So I am not sure why my original module is still "hanging on" to that error or keeps seeing it.
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30 Jun 2019 14:59 #31245 by gapi

For your AlfaOBD issue, try https://www.ramforum.com/threads/alfaobd.123982/reading here . These guys are hard at it. I ask about my truck and charger and have not been ran off yet. If you have trouble I'll ask for you.

Next, I need a favor. I want a copy of your BCM backup files. I have a 2013 non-pursuit and HATE the glaring blinding cluster that blasts me at night at shut down. Pursuits have the "police lighting feature" that gives full control to the thumb wheel.
How ever when activated in my car the trunk buttons and some door locks are disabled.
I want to see a compare between pursuit and non-pursuit in notepad ++ and see if I can tweak it.

If you are willing please send backups
(if you want to copy everything I'll take it) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ?

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