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12 Apr 2019 23:08 #28635 by Grayfox
2001 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 4.7L Fed Emission

running -10 on LT/ 0ish on ST... can hear a vac leak by the battery where the purge and LDP are. so i pull the fitting off the Purge and seal the manifold hose with my thumb... hmmm, no more hissing, LT and ST zero out, idle settles down... "hmmm , maybe the LDP is leaking and what about this purge.......grab the solus and pull up the data.. the purge is being commanded at 100% duty cycle, the would perhaps let the LDP be the rascal leaking... and i have computer control.. it if let it stable out with 2 big vac leaks and then seal them back up fast but slow enuff the poor thing keeps running the pcm commands the purge down A LOT to a whopping 90% duty cycle...

thought i would put this post out and see if anyone else has ran into this while i hook up the Leak Tamer and see what i can see.... any and all ideas, thoughts comments and concerns are welcomed.

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13 Apr 2019 11:12 #28649 by Tyler
Any codes stored? Or are you concerned about the trims and noise?

While the PCM purge command is high, is the LDP switch PID showing open or closed?

I'm wondering if what you're seeing is the PCM trying to do its .090" (fuel cap left off) leak test. With the purge commanded wide open, there should be sufficient vacuum in the system to change the LDP switch state.

Alternately, if you use the EVAP System Test, does it pass with no codes stored?

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