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92 Cadillac Deville 122,700 miles. Wiring diagrams sought for Doors locking and unlocking when applying brakes, blower motor resistor issues??

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16 Mar 2019 06:15 #27867 by Dtnel
So anyways after replacing the blower motor and upon connecting the battery the blower motor started running with the vehicle off no key in the ignition and yes the ignition works properly.

Spoke with the owner a little bit later and asked him if the blower motor had ran when the vehicle was turned off before. Come to think of it the blower motor was unplugged because he said it was making all kinds of noises grinding and stuff so he unplugged it and drilled a hole into the blower motor windings himself. Great fix buy a vehicle owner who's uneducated about vehicles.

So after I asked him if it was doing that before he said oh yeah I forgot to tell you about that. So instead of just slapping a resistor in it I told him he can run it by plugging and unplugging the blower motor for a couple days as I have some important family business to tend to and didn't want to be over there again on a Friday night when I have other things going on or even this Saturday.

So Friday afternoon he calls me and says hey the car ran great referring to the alternator was installed working properly which did have the proper grounds installed properly back on afterwards it was checked for charging properly and found to be good. I had used the EGR system diagram under the hood and found out the EGR solenoid Inlet line and Outlet line we're disconnected. I plug the throttle body to the EGR solenoid line in as somebody had just put a bolt in the end of that line and the input side to the solenoid had nothing on it. I then installed a line from the solenoid to EGR valve.

Back to the owner he said hey the vehicle ran great for the first couple hours and then when he was out running around later that day and started running like crap as it had before spitting and sputtering and stuff like that. From the sounds of it it was surging a little bit, hesitant and when you step on the throttle it would run very odd.

He then goes oh and by the way every time I hit the brakes my door locks lock and unlock and they do it constantly while the foot is on the brake pedal.

I need to get back in and look at the resistor but with this having the electronic control panel and the OBD1 connector I did not have a OBD1 connector to read codes. Dumb move on my part.

Is there a way to tell if that control panel is working properly or not as I don't want to slap the resistor in there for the blower motor and then that don't solve the problem. As I told him had I known beforehand I probably could have had it figured out sooner before I had came over the first time.

My thing is I need to find a wiring diagram for the HVAC system but I'm also wondering if that same system is tied in with the brake pedal system. To me it sounds like there is a short on the ground side but I don't know if the same symptoms I'm getting with the door lock actuators can also be caused by the blower motor resistor being bad as we haven't determined that yet.

That would definitely be strange but I've seen some strange stuff before. I just need to stop working on this older stuff because every time I work on older stuff especially this car for this person becomes a pain in the butt.

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