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Bad ground?

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06 Feb 2019 13:09 #26826 by PhoebusCastle
Bad ground? was created by PhoebusCastle
Long story short. 99 eclipse spyder gs 4G64 automatic. Thick white smoke from tail pipe. I puled the cylinder head, replaced the valve stem seals, ported the cylinder head and polished. Reassembled, replaced head gasket and never set TDC. The engine turned over and rattled violently for 2 seconds then it stalled. I realized my error and pulled the head to check for bent valves, replaced cylinder head and cleaned it. Reassembled car, turned the key hear bbbbddddddit rattle because starter wasn't getting enough power. Checked connections, checked battery, checked ground strap and battery terminal connections. Pulled head again, removed and replaced the starter. Now the starter will fully engage when connected to the battery via jumper cables, but it will not turn the pistons when connected to the battery with the wire harness. No one can figure this one out. They keep saying Neutral Safety Switch. It's not the neutral safety switch.
Battery 12.8
Starter positive 12.8
Starter negative 12.8
Block 0
S switch 2.5 volts
Ignition switch wire to S post solenoid 12.8 when unplugged.
This is all without the key in the ignition. I turn the key on a full charge and with jumpers to my wife's car. It still half engages.
Please help
Phoebus Castle

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06 Feb 2019 14:12 #26829 by Chad
Replied by Chad on topic Bad ground?
With the Key in the START position, verify that you have battery voltage at points 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 . Points 4 and 5 should be a good ground.

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06 Feb 2019 15:05 - 06 Feb 2019 15:10 #26830 by Andy.MacFadyen
Replied by Andy.MacFadyen on topic Bad ground?
Jumper leads really have to be heavy duty pro booster leads a lot of cheap leads are often pretty useless.

Battery voltage without load can be misleading, have you checked the voltage across the battery when you are trying to crank the engine ?
After that you can do a quick and dirty test on the ground by putting a jumper lead between the battery negative and the cylinder block or head.

Beyond that a voltage drop test with a multimeter between battery + and the main battery termina (Black-Red)l on the starter.

You can 100% eliminate the park-neutral switch, relay and ignition switch by jumping the starter solenoid Yellow-Black directly to battery positive but make 100% sure the transmission is in park first.

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06 Feb 2019 19:53 #26836 by Paul6004
Replied by Paul6004 on topic Bad ground?

PhoebusCastle wrote: Starter negative 12.8

If you have 12.8v at the starter negative there is no engine earth. Unless you mean you put the positive test lead on B+ and negative lead on the earth?
You need to check battery voltage while cranking.

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