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04 Dec 2019 05:56 #35554 by Pj
Diagnostician was created by Pj
Hi all
How would you go about convincing garage owners to hire you as a diagnostician. I ask this because over the years I have noticed that garage owners in my city finding it more and more difficult to diagnose correctly. With the right mindset and correct tools I know that there is good opportunity for good diagnostician. To do this professionally what must the diagnostic tool be capable off/ spec.

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07 Dec 2019 11:20 - 07 Dec 2019 11:23 #35610 by Tyler
Replied by Tyler on topic Diagnostician
In short, I think it'd be an uphill battle. :( I can only speak from my experience in my own area (midwest).

Are you talking about billing yourself as a full time diagnostician? Or a mobile diagnostician?

I don't know anyone that's been hired on full time at a shop as a diagnostician outright, or met anyone from an independent shop who's sole job is engine performance/electrical diagnostics. The main reason is that most independent shops don't have enough engine performance/electrical work to keep an efficient technician busy. Smaller shops might see two or three diagnostic tickets a day. Maybe none. Once those tickets are done, what does the diagnostician do for the rest of the day? :silly:

As a mobile diagnostician, I think it'd be important to have a wide array of services to offer, as well as tooling. You don't have to work on every single make/model. But you do need to be capable on the ones you do work on. That likely means an array of aftermarket scan tools, because no one tool will do it all.
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05 Jan 2020 20:33 #36369 by Tutti57
Replied by Tutti57 on topic Diagnostician
I've thought about this one too. It's hard to break into any field, but I think it would be the same as most, with results. I would start by visiting shops and letting them know you are available for diag work and just give them a quick little pitch about you and what you can do. First job at a heavy discount or something. If it works out, they might call you next time they get stuck.

I think it would be easier as a mobile guy for the reasons Tyler mentioned.

Some communities have organizations where shop owners may get together occasionally to collaborate. I'd want to get in touch with that group too.

Get references and work on referrals. Give people an incentive to refer you.

Nissan Technician
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09 Jan 2020 01:22 #36454 by Pj
Replied by Pj on topic Diagnostician
To both who answered thank you. On the advice of discount, I was thinking of doing it for free on first two Maybe three job.
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28 Jan 2020 00:44 #37006 by Dtnel
Replied by Dtnel on topic Diagnostician

Pj wrote: To both who answered thank you. On the advice of discount, I was thinking of doing it for free on first two Maybe three job.

IF you give it for free then they'll expect discounted all the time since you already worked for free for them a time or two. There's shops that'll take advantage of you and those that do and fail to recognize you for your skills after a successful visit or two at a negotiated rate.

You could always work on a sliding scale that way if they want to push their guy doing brake work, oil changes, replacing what you diagnose then there's more incentive to them making you their go to inhouse tech that starts or finishes your day doing diagnostics for them.

The more they call you the better the deal they get. Also after awhile you'll get to know their abilities and they may rely on you solely for certain things if they don't want to invest in the equipment.

I'm sure a contract with all the details hashed out would be good as well to protect you and them. Last thing you'd want is to call you then you get there and the car isn't there because a cancelled appt. That's time after repeated cancellations without notice you could be working with another shop or taking care of your personal customers. A web page, business cards, advertising all will get results.

As you build things out then you could move to online scheduling with you confirming the time slot for them and the work to be done.

Maybe make loyal shops a priority and the same goes for customers as well.

Friends, friends of friends, family, family friends are all potential customers. Some Facebook reviews go a long way and always address issues customers have by providing a response and be truthful.

IF there's a issue offer the customer a discount or pass on the labor portion of their next repair you do up to xxx amount of dollars as they'll feel worthwhile to you.

Customer service will make or break you in a already tight competitive environment.

Emails emails emails regularly around the same time each month as it'll get customers use to receiving them and if you offer coupons they'll be looking for them. First time coupon then specials on tune ups, diagnostic services, etc.

Keep in mind if you're mobile you have to be efficient as you're not averaging as much per job as shops are unless you're getting to root cause of issues and banking time regularly. Shops can pawn that off on you and keep their avg per hour rate up just cranking out brake jobs all day long as they have the parts and labor profit margins plus working with parts houses they can get volume deals.

You want to get the most you can out of diagnostics as you're already down the parts profits on most jobs.

As you see there's alot of variables. Wish I knew where I read that article about diagnostics vs doing brakes and difference in profit margins. Really good article it was.

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28 Jan 2020 09:20 #37023 by ScannerDanner
Replied by ScannerDanner on topic Diagnostician
I always suggested to offer your first one for free when you are first getting into this and ONLY if you are knocking on their door first. If they've found you through word of mouth, the first one is NOT free!!
No room for error on the first one though right? Lol
I really feel like my suggestion is again, for those just starting out. No one knows who you are and you need to prove yourself. There is no better advertising that hitting a home run on your first job. They WILL call you back.
Once you start working for 2 or 3 shops, they start talking to their buddies and before you know it it is 8-10 shops and this idea of "first one is free" is long gone and NOT even an option anymore.

Don't be a parts changer!
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