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03 Dec 2019 01:39 #35531 by Pj
Diagnostician was created by Pj
As Independent garage owner what are the advantage of using a diagnostician?

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03 Dec 2019 07:50 #35534 by Noah
Replied by Noah on topic Diagnostician
Maybe you've got a couple mechanics who can bang out big jobs and some that can hammer through brakes and ball joints. Also maybe none of them are exactly competent with a volt meter or schematics. Not putting anyone down, but that is a very common scenario.

So instead of taking a productive mechanic off of a profitable job and throwing him in over his head on a missing 5v reference or tricky misfire, you call in the diag guy.

If you're floating in gravy, you probably don't need a guy like that on the pay roll, and you can bill the customer for the diagnosis so his fee doesn't come out of pocket.

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03 Dec 2019 08:31 #35535 by Andy.MacFadyen
Replied by Andy.MacFadyen on topic Diagnostician
No matter how good your guys one reason is a good specialist dignostician will not only have the specialst tools to get a handle on the fault, but has built up a working knowledge of how manufacture X has changed the systems on model Y and likely common faults.

The trade always has used specialist of one kind or another for 100 years, back in my grandads day he would get a specialist to rewind a magneto or re-metal a bottom end, sub-contracting to a diagnostic guy isn't any different, you will probably still do 99% of diagnosis in house but for that 1% that is a time burning pita call the man.

It is a subject Paul has covered many times.

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03 Dec 2019 08:51 #35536 by Pj
Replied by Pj on topic Diagnostician
How would one go about convincing a garage owner that to use a diagnostician. What would be the best scanner (not brand ) for a stat up diagnostician to use.
Thank you for the answers to my previous question

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