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Primary ignition trace noise? What is it?

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08 Jan 2020 16:48 - 08 Jan 2020 16:48 #36431 by PeterA
Waste spark 4 tower coilpack.

Ground clamp on the 12+v feed into the coil, then probe tip is on the wires -ve for 1+4 and 2+3.
In the videos and this picture I am probing coil2, the right side coil. But it does this on both coils.

I think it's just noise and EMF messing with the trace???

How can I fix that so that I get a clean trace? Unless of course there really is noise going into the coil primary and messing with it etc.


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09 Jan 2020 11:34 - 17 Jan 2020 17:53 #36467 by Andy.MacFadyen
Replied by Andy.MacFadyen on topic Primary ignition trace noise? What is it?
Okay first of all the scope ground wire goes to block ground, scope +wire goes to control or negative side of coil.
Also unless you have an automotive scope that can survive voltage spikes connect through an attenutor.

Secondly you don't say what engine you are connected but it is a Ford? Many Fords have muti-strike ignition that fires an additional 3 or 4 sparks in the space of about 5ms below 1500 rpm after which it switches to single spark per firing event.

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