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2007 3.5L Nissian Quest Intermittent no start

30 Jun 2021 14:11 #49724 by Los
I'm diagnosing a 2007 Nissian Quest with a 3.5L engine and I have a intermittent no start condition upon my inspection and before testing I have this I'm looking at. Is this possible not having a complete ground a cause for intermittent no start. As you look a small portion of metal casing of trans is broke off .

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01 Jul 2021 20:34 #49742 by juergen.scholl
Replied by juergen.scholl on topic 2007 3.5L Nissian Quest Intermittent no start
You may want to post this in the repair help section...

What I do see looks like a three pin camshaft position sensor,hall effct style on this kind of Nissan. To make the sensor work it needs a power feed and a ground which are provided by the ecm. The third wire is the signal circuit back to the ecm.

There is no external grounding needed to make this sensor work. You`ll notice some kind of a metal bushing within the eyelet where the sensor bolts to the head. This is just a reinforcement to make the eyelet stand the applied torque.

In the picture it looks like the sensor`s O-ring will no longer seal due to the broken housing.Probably oil will leak and spill all over the place once the engine starts, you will have to address this, even if you only seal with dabs of RTV.

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