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Products similar to Picoscope 4425

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22 Nov 2019 10:14 #35212 by SLCC-1
Products similar to Picoscope 4425 was created by SLCC-1
Good day,

I'm actually a buyer for a community college and I have a department that wants to purchase a Picoscope 4425. To ensure we are spending wisely, I want to find out if there are any other products out there that are comparable to the 4425 ability-wise. So far this seems like a pretty niche market, so I thought going this route for information would prove useful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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22 Nov 2019 16:31 - 22 Nov 2019 16:35 #35220 by Andy.MacFadyen
Replied by Andy.MacFadyen on topic Products similar to Picoscope 4425
Here are the ones I know something of.

There are not that many 4 channel automotive USB PC labscopes on the market. Among USB virtual scope the Pico 4425 has amazing power and speed and advance capabillities including converting frequency to voltage which I don't think any other automotive oscilloscope can do and is used for checking the digital Mass Airflow Sensors on modern vehicles. Also the Pico guided tests and support library are a very valuable resource.

The eScope Elite www.aeswave.com/eSCOPE-ELITE4-p9647.html has a capability the Pico 4425 hasn't got I know uniquely it can display traces with two different time bases on the same screen, how useful this will be I can't say. There are a selection of videos on the eScope Elite 4 on YouTube.

At a lower price point Ditex www.autoditex.com/products/#AUTOMOTIVE%20OSCILLOSCOPES make 4 channel automotive scopes these are very good basic 4 channel automotive scopes BUT don't have near the power or speed of the Pico 4425 [/]. Ditex also have a library of guided tests and information but not as well established or detailed as Pico's .

All these scopes have demo programs on the internet that can be downloaded and evaluated.

I would say as a teaching tool the Pico has the most value both because of its power and depth of recording and because of the higher appeal of learning this particular scope to students

" Welcome to the 21st"

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26 Nov 2019 11:42 #35342 by Basil
Replied by Basil on topic Products similar to Picoscope 4425
I am looking at a dedicated automotive scope. I am an amateur radio enthusiast and have good bench scopes, but their fragility leads me to look at USB scopes. I am looking at the TiePie scopes at the moment, I am in the UK and they seem to be little known over here, where the PICO seems to be the most popular. TiePie make a 4 channel scope with isolated inputs that appeals to me for other work where commonly grounded inputs demand great care ;) It appears you pay a lot for automotive scopes of generally mediocre bandwidth, but with self setting abilities, whether the premium for this is worth it over a general purpose USB scope is something I ponder.

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