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used snapon verus edge

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31 Jan 2019 17:36 #26727 by Sinjlee
used snapon verus edge was created by Sinjlee
Hello I am new here and had a question on a verus edge. Just bought a used snap on verus edge with a older software. After scanning a code and identifying what is wrong, I press the fix it button and a message pops up that says “your access to sure track has expired please contact a representative to get latest software.”

So my question is do you need the latest software to be able to fix the error codes?

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31 Jan 2019 18:33 #26728 by Chad
Replied by Chad on topic used snapon verus edge
"FIX IT" won't, actually, "fix" it. It will direct you to Snap on's Suretrack community and/or Shopkey. Both are informational resources that will HELP YOU "fix it". I don't think you have to have the latest Software version on the Tool (I could be wrong) but, you DO have to have an active subscription to Suretrack , or ShopKey. You can access Suretrack and Shopkey from a Laptop/PC, if you have a subscription, without the scantool.

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04 Feb 2019 20:49 - 04 Feb 2019 20:50 #26793 by GypsyR
Replied by GypsyR on topic used snapon verus edge
My experience is that the Suretrack stuff isn't worth much at all. You either have to pay for a subscription to it or you get a free six months of it if you update your scanner to 18.4. 18.4 hasn't impressed me much either.

What I have found very useful in figuring out what a code is or what it might really mean is the "troubleshooting" section. It's there for each module, like the PCM. Our work scanner has the subscription and I consistently find a LOT more help in there than Suretrack. And the troubleshooting is already on there and paid for. The one downside is that you have to remember or scribble down whatever code you saw, it doesn't transfer like when you (try to) use Suretrack. For the great majority of uncommon and difficult codes there is no Suretrack help anyway. Believe it or not. I've been punching that "diagnose" button at least once a day for about two years on a Zeus and it's told me something useful about three times so far. All three times it was something I could have found elsewhere if I looked.

The troubleshooting section is great! Even my ten years outdated Modis has a ton of such helpful info built in. Suretrack, meh. I won't pay for it on my personal Verus. That's on 17.4 and that suits me just fine too.

Dig around in your scanner and see what you have. There's good stuff in there.
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06 Feb 2019 08:48 #26825 by Noah
Replied by Noah on topic used snapon verus edge
There really is a serious abundance of information built into the tool if you look around.
If you open the scanner tab, then the help menu, there's a section of "power users tests" that outline some foundational information on things like CAN bus and various troubleshooting techniques.

Sometimes the guided component tests give bad info, so don't take it as gospel, but most of the time it's enough to get you down there right path.
Suretrack is kind of a joke IMO.
I got a password to use it when I updated my software and was not impressed with anything on there. There seems to be a few core community members who are genuinely helpful and a never ending influx of "fix it for me Snappy" questions.

So, No. You don't need the latest software unless there's a feature you're lacking on your current version that you know will be there in a later version.

Too much plus more equals just right.

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