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11 Sep 2021 02:38 - 11 Sep 2021 07:37 #51339 by Dtnel
Used / Recycled Auto Parts Options was created by Dtnel
Spoke with @Noah via a message then a reply on a different thread about this outfit. The alliance or whatever you want to call it is called PRP.

They're an alliance of many salvage yards that are on Car-Part system already as well as some not in the website.

IF you're looking on Car-Part look at the parenthesis parts of a listing generally on the right side of the webpage 1 to 3 lines down and you'll see some 3 letter acronyms. If they have PRP listed then they're part of the service then no need to worry much as you can verify this with them. 

A good example is we have a salvage yard in the next town over that's part of this network. 
I was looking for an engine cradle this summer and noticed that there were many of them further away but not locally. Fast forward into July and I was speaking with my wife's cousin's husband while we are at a wedding reception, dance and I mentioned that to him and told him how I would hate to pay shipping charges.

He then informed me about this Alliance that a lot of ethical salvage yards have in don't get me wrong I'm sure there's many other ethical salvage yards out there but then just as they all say in any industry you're going to have a few bad actors around as well that will give you a little to no warranty at all.

Don't ask me how I know this on the warranty issue but I've been down that road just as I'm sure many of you have as well. 

 He told me to call out to his place on Monday how I speak with one of the parts guys and leave a message. They would get back to me the same day and give me a quote what it would cost to get that part from another yard to here in South Dakota.

I thought hey it's probably going to cost me a little bit more because of shipping but he said they have their own transportation Network that they all share the cost on.

The Yards also grade each other so if you're at a salvage yard and the company halfway across America sent you a bad, low quality part then the salvage yard can grade them on the overall experience including the part and the quality of the parts. As the buyer of the part I can also refuse that part even three different times or more for example purposes and if I don't like it the sending yard has to take the part back which costs them in the long run between time, negative feedback from other yards.

It basically encourages them to send good quality recycled / used parts  up front and not misrepresent the quality of the parts.

When I had looked on the PRP website which is essentially some of the yards and others as well. 

The nearest yard I could find the part in was a few hundred miles away. Now if anybody knows what a 2010 Ford Escape engine cradle is and the size of it you're going to think okay $50 to $60 for shipping. 

 I had seen the park listed on the website for $180 and when the local salvage yard which I will give them a plug is,  Nordstrom's Auto Recycling. Com called me back with a quote of $209 with tax out the door and they could have it by Fri I was happy and said get it. 

Paid over the phone and ordered it. Next morning, Wednesday they called a little after 11:30 saying they had it sitting in their yard. 

Essentially what they do is get the part from the other yard and "Cost" and sell it to you for a fairly decent price without gouging you to much. I was a little skeptical and worried on getting a quality part first time around which in this case it was and I was rather surprised the Aluminum/Cardboard cover that goes over the area where the Ford Escapes rots away was still intact from the factory on the engine cradle. 

My overall experience was pleasant with this. I posted this for those that may not be aware they can get some of the bigger parts at a fraction of replacement cost price, hard to find parts as well as scarce parts especially in today's environment of people keeping cars longer, prices for parts skyrocketing due to demand and chip shortages are forcing people to keep their cars longer rather than trading it off and forcing the dealer to fix or someone else before reselling it. 

Essentially a whole market of used car dealers I'm sure has been affected the most as they're in the middle and damned if they do or don't. 

I'll drop a web link below,


Examples of PRP provider. Note there's other acronyms yards I've shown as examples are part of. 

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