In this video I will show you the tests you need to perform on a car with a dead battery. The three main things we must determine:

  1. Does the battery need to be replaced?
  2. Is the alternator charging correctly?
  3. Is there a parasitic drain on the system with the ignition off?

When you have a car that is only driven once a month combined with a cold climate, special attention must be made to the battery drain test. (parasitic drain).


  • battery keeps going dead (1 year old battery)

fix 50

  • replace battery

test shown

  • how to test a charging system
  • how to be sure the alternator diodes are okay
  • how to test a battery
  • how to test for a parasitic drain (battery drain)
  • what is the acceptable current flow from a battery with the ignition off

Tools used

  • graphing multimeter (digital multimeter may be used)
  • jump pack (battery jump starter)

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Starting, Charging and Battery system problems

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