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2003 KIA Sorento 4wd Won't turn off and fan stays running

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09 Jul 2019 19:19 #31628 by Dtnel
SO got a message from a friend today that their car battery had went dead so she got it jumped, drove it for a bit. came home and shut it off. Vehicle stays running so her neighbor pulls the fuel pump fuse and it stops as we all expect.

He has her start it again and it won't shut off again so same thing. Well not all the same thing. They pulled the fuel pump fuse and the fan kept running so now they pulled the battery.

My worry is with battery disconnected and it being a 2003 model year is that the codes if any may have cleared. To make things further worse is this is my first KIA. Yes it's a car just as any other and I'm sure if I drive cycle it enough that I can get codes to appear and get a direction. I just wanted to touch base with those of you who may have experience with Kia vehicles.

My thoughts are possibly a bad ignition switch which may not be fully turning off or a bad internal that's not cutting the cycle. What gets me though is she turned the vehicle off the initial time and the fan had to have drained the battery with her possibly thinking the fan was cycling at the end of driving due to it being on and possibly cooling the A/C pressure switch?

Could be a bad fan relay

I think first I'll go look at it and see if there's any codes as she still has the battery unplugged. If the fan is on it can always be disconnected during the time the vehicle is off while troubleshooting. Can't forget to check that coolant level as being a 03 it's probably seen better days.

Mileage is unknown as well at this point. I'll wander over in a bit and see what I can find.

I'll check it for a parasitic drain as well as if the fan isn't draining the battery then something has to be.

Part of me goes back to the fans because as I stated initially the fans may have ran when vehicle was off unknown to her and drained battery and finding out why the fan was staying running if it was at the time. Let's hope the ECM can be of some help though.

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09 Jul 2019 20:38 #31636 by Tyler
I'm wondering how many of these symptoms are the result of the dead battery. :silly: Low battery voltage does crazy stuff to modules.

If you don't get good direction with whatever stored codes you may (not) find, I'd be tempted to start with disconnecting both cables and shorting them to each other for awhile. Start from scratch. Whatever you end up with afterwards, it can't be any worse than what it was before. :lol:

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10 Jul 2019 00:14 #31655 by Dtnel
OH texting and messaging can be so misleading.

So got over there. Hooked battery to car up and no key in ignition heard clicking as if you have it in the run position and heard the fan, blower fan that is kick in. So I had one thing already incorrectly conveyed to me at this point.

Hooked battery up again as I'd disconnected and had her turn the blower motor, a/c and any other thing on to the off positions.

This time reconnected battery and no clicks so I'm thinking good so far .

Zeus, no codes for power or electrical

Innova 3160d - old quick scan tool - No codes.

Bosch scan tool I bought vs buying all the OBD adapters awhile back. It comes with half dozen or so adapters- once again no codes

Autel TS608 - Found 4 SRS codes. Saved for further analysis later.

Decided we'll see if it starts - cranked 1 time and wouldn't go around again then tried one more time same issue.

Boost pack came out. Hooked to battery 10.2 volts.

Turned booster on and she fired right away, oh the flex pipe is noisy I must say.

Checked A/C , A/C fan they worked well. The air alone will freeze a guy out of the car.

Ran headlights with AC going full blast and charging system was working fine with and without load. Ran the car awhile actually to see if the car would charge the battery up and it did.

Turned car off and no blower motor fan running after car was off and the car actually shut off when key was cycled off and boy did she notice it right away.

Told her the gremlins had invaded and left once they knew I was coming.

Only way I found the SRS codes after a scan was by removing 2 business cards she was using the back of to track her work hours on that were in the lower left corner.

Told her she has airbag codes and might want to get them fixed. Also let her know to turn the ac off along with blower motor before shutting car down and she probably won't have the fan issue. As old as the car is it simply could've been dirt, hidden corrosion, etc.

I informed her that I could go in the dash and check wiring but that's not included in the freebee.

Turns out she works at the new Fleet & Farm that opened here locally where I have a friend who works there in the automotive dept whatever they do in there. Once she acknowledged she knew him I let her know to take the car to him and have him clean the battery up and she's going to go to batteries plus and get the battery load tested. Essentially I pawned her off to him. HA ha... I don't mind helping older people though as long it don't take alot of my personal time. I see it as a way of giving back once in awhile.

I normally go on the local message board on Facebook once a month and look for something challenging and try to find out a little about the person without talking with them by doing some Facebook or Google searches as there's freeloaders out there that take advantage as well and I try to help someone who needs the help and generally someone who's older as it's tough enough on them plus some of them are on fixed income so helping someone out every now and then is a good way to give back.

Another interesting thing was she had a Chevy Aveo I think they're called and asked her if it ran as it had dirt on it and looked like it had been sitting for a while. She said that was her son's car that he brought over because he didn't have room at his house and it had been having issues.

She said she went to drive it one day a while back when she didn't want to take her Kia. She said she put it in reverse got out to the edge of the driveway, put it in Drive and it wouldn't go forward so she had her neighbors help her push it back into the driveway.

I even offered to jump-start and scan it free for her so maybe give her an idea of what she would be looking at and if transmission related send it to the shop where I get my work done because they give me referral discounts from time to time when I do need work done which isn't but once in a blue moon.

Downside for her is I won't come back over just to scan that vehicle because I offered and she declined which as I told her I could have saved the scan and look more into it later if she wanted me to.

One thing regarding one of my scan tools I will note was that a while back I updated my Bosch ADS625 and when I went to use it on this vehicle tonight there wasn't any communication and was a error with the Dongle that plugs into the OBD2 port.

Finally the scan tool popped up a box which it's never popped up as I've used it since I updated the tool a while back. The Box said I needed to update the VCI.

Downside is I don't have a power plug for that and I've even looked online and I know it's the same plug as the upper end OTC scan tool with the wiring diagrams as well but I can't find them for sale anywhere. I seem to have misplaced my cord here recently and can't seem to find it.

I thought about seeing if my Snap-on Zeus output voltage from the power supply was the same and if so seeing if that will charge the scan tool. The update dialog said that I needed the power supply for the dongle while updating it along with the VCI cable from the scan tool to the J-2534 Box / OBD plug

I will get ahold of the parts store mobile tool rep they have who sold me the scan tool and got it set up and ready to go and have him figure out where I can get one.

I have two of them for my snap on zeus scan tool as I misplaced mine once.

Yes I need to start getting more use out of my tools making $$$$ as well as I've been to busy coaching softball since Feb and have less than a month to get footings, forms and garage flatwork along with exterior driveway work poured as the son goes back to college and he does that stuff all summer.

Do that, get it framed and I can work on stuff indoors this winter for the first time in 3yrs which is a plus.

I still have to help Asst coach high school fastpitch softball yet starting in Aug till end of Sept. 5 days a week practice each week.

There will be no sleep for awhile I think. Lol.

BTW Thanks for the insight once again Tyler. I'm sure it was the Gremlins.

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