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throttle body 0 response to open / close corolla 2000

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21 Jan 2019 12:27 #26387 by andrameda271
Hello Paul and young Apprentices,
This will be the final transmission. Paul That’s quite an after thought of allowing me to stay on the forum to project a phony “tolerance,” of your so-called magnanimous image you pretend to up hold was devisive, staged and contrived to the public, about a false issue, regarding your cell phone 7 digits given to me, by you, I don’t appreciate, to setup your sting against me and to fool your public appearing to be fair minded, at the expense of sacrificing my intelligence, my character and the Socratic questioning of ego centric authorities manding the helm of knowledge, without fundamentals, is what, I was communicating about all along; to help the evolution of the website forum, it was miss construed, twisted and hyped by you, Paul, in public miss-presenting your real intent, no longer hidden, seen and observed by the third eye, the third ear, is my primary focus; was curiously followed by another afterthought Paul, a statement of retaliation, “ lets part ways” for putting your cell number on the forum is a ruse to imply and set up false criminal allegations and phony implications and ramifications, you are afraid of what ; the poor excuse of setting up a false sting, a false lawsuit, and the old mob rule mentality, by calling me and giving me your telephone, which was met with welcoming joviality in a return message response, after you called ‘me,’. I now realize, after reading your superfluous responses you indulged in brow beating, in your written and engineered remarks you should be a politician; to mislead the public to join you, in a witch hunt to collude, slander and defame me, while, you use the facade of saint by day tiger by night, ego cloaking devise to deceive; you are as clever as Satan. Here are some accounts against you, that in a trial court, you would be found guilty of:
1-you called your wife after I had left you a message, then you told this innocent soul to send me an email, which means you got my message, you deliberately did not call, for a hidden agenda, you were master planning in your head and using your wife to do your dirty work is low down uncaring, selfish & abusive. The lawyers will go to town with this.
2-you set up a public criminal harassment case, against yourself, when I was cooperating with you to not use the forum to you directly, a good idea, I was in cooperation. Paul let it be known that you betrayed your good intention for an evil intent to malign and harm and abuse significant others to achieve your plan to collude and defame. I am glad you are not a cop, you would be dangerous and you would be arrested by internal affairs. I had to work with guys like you.
3- Instigating, more hostility, after the fact, you setup and changed your words, ‘let’s talk’ to provoke, Mr. provocateur: You wrote admitting to the forum, that you pulled the BANNED, why? You felt guilty because the profile of, what I wrote was a powerful mirror to your conscience by asking questions only never accusing; you remember this fact. You, as the leader, who executed the ban was hiding behind his students or moderators, who innocently were doing your dirty work do you enjoy taking advantage of innocent folks; I responded exposing your intent to defame me, by bait n switching, by twisting events, words distorting the facts, essentially deceiving to gain advantage by over lording me to maintain celebrity status and fan club memberships hiding, lying and confessing, through the use of a website’s procedural mechanics, miss using it real purpose, which is to inform, educate, under the umbrella of meaningful exchanges; to enhance mind skills in troubleshooting circuit designs, of the cars of the world. An unnecessary and ficious censorship, uncalled for and excessive use of force, against me; and you have the audacity and disdain to further accuse me, for your lack of accountability and lack of self-control, your deception is insidious. You righteously argue, When Banderas said to me you are complicating it, step back. I said empty words, show me show the world, what you know was in mind and what little you know’, is what I wrote not as fast, as I could think it; translation:” can you be more specific”, Baderas. He had no emotional charge because he spoke truth, I was confusing resistance with voltage readings, plus I voiced specifically, my findings, about the throttle wires not match in color and so forth, it was all confusing to me, its real confusion! Noah, showed more of a caring, then you ever did, Paul; and what is being profiled and observed, here, is a criminal tendency, in your deviant personality Paul Danner; who feels as if he is superior, righteous yet fanatical to continue attacking me to safe his own face. Where, was the courtesy and diplomacy you failed to exemplify to your students? Professor Hiakowa often spoke of this fact, in neural linguistic, the use of a word could start a war. As a student translator, simultaneous translations of a lawyer to a judge and defendant had to be done without memory of the literal word, spontaneously and exacting with tune of voice, body gestures and attitudes as it was spoken and communicated visibly. Translation by memory was used only for documents. We had to go to the United nations to listen to the assembly speak from all foreign countries, who often was offended by a word in translation. However, it was all disarmed by courtesy and diplomacy. You do not have diplomacy, Paul nor are you courteous. You are treacherous and very mean! You are a typical FBI profiler’s first lesson study. Have you ever wondered why westerner perceive foreigners as weak? In the west the language is spoken to octaves higher perceptually foreigners perceive westerns as aggressive vice versa foreigners speak two octaves lower. I the west its “I do” me and for me are the pronouns design to put forth a dominating ego, for example in Spanish the emphasis is not on the I thought but more on the experience and feeling, “I” remains passive, these are the subtle differences of language perception energizing the mind into illusions. Language was invented for trading late for business transactions the price paid for this was the loss of the heart where telepathic communication the way, the Hawaiians the aboriginals, the real native Americans, the Chinese and the Eskimos of the north, African tribes, had these abilities, this was more advance and more sophisticated, then languages because the human spirit was able to connect from miles away because we are all one, in this spirit. Have you ever wondered why all foreigners have a difficulty learning English? English has 16 vowel combinations, the other languages only has 8 sounds, that are familiar to foreigners, the other unfamiliar 8 sounds are in English, their brains have no references to the 16 or 8 extra vowel sound combinations they never heard. Have you ever wondered why women’s brains are more sophisticated then men’s? In women, they are wired to store information universally in brain, so if she has a stroke, she can retrieve the information lost, from one cell and re-learn it from another cell because god and nature made her that way to survive death because she has to maintain baby and by doing so the human race from extinction. Men are not spared, they are expendable because our brain is wired to store information locally not universally. If we get a stroke the knowledge is lost forever, uselessness and death for the seed carrier awaits him it’s the way of the divine mother, earth is feminine and men are little decorations on it nothing more. The only consolation is to learn you are not your personality; you are not the thought in your mind. You’re not your body either nor the 5 senses. All thought come from one thought only, the “I” thought.

4- Repeated bashing and quoting my words to Banderas is showing your evil intent and lack of education. Why did everyone fail to ask, what do you mean by this, please explain. You became a lyncher, judge, jury and executioner with extreme prejudice. I was repeatedly charged with a new subscription, while under an automatic payment during the 5 months. Please check into this defect before parting ways.
5- provoking, aggravating, agitating by design/create a “so-called crisis/management network system”, so that you can manage it, mislead n control it, by invention/ solution to harm and intimidate a good person, who witness a crime, who spoke truth to avoid persecution before the fact, was assassinated verbally to avoid losing favor with the sheep servants, of the gang.
6- imaging and projecting by the miss use of words and vain imaginings, on a persona, who you falsely accuse in stilted perjury, that he got your phone number on the internet to bully you, stalked you, by using private resources to get your telephone, when you set it up to look like that, even after you willfully gave him your cell telephone number in a recorded message is insidious iniquity to imply to a public forum, I am or have invaded your privacy, is a criminal act, with malicious intent to use the legal system to gain advantages. Be careful, you are your own worst enemy, not I.

Summary: to the young apprentice, always question authority; never stop questioning to find the true character of truth mix in with half trues, mixed with lies. To know thoroughly the fundamentals, that will remove all doubts and lead you to self-control of your mind and 5 senses leading to the gulf of your inner heart and true mastery of a skill such as diagnostics of complex circuits. To follow blindly to please an authority figure and not understand, what you are doing to the car, stop! If you respond to an online student be through and not halfhearted, say you don’t know and that you just wanted to say hello. I had one courageous student say that to me, that’s communication making statements of, “what is so,” “observations” and duplicate the message so that the other end of the line gets that you understood firemen; paramedics; doctors; air pilots; and military, all have to do this, why? Because they can not see your facial expressions; your smiles; you are invisible.
To Paul, I have studied your book, I found flaws with it, that is why I hesitated to buy I have my own standards, I will not buy your book and wanted to see, if I could learn from you and your forum n videos; in the videos a miss spoken word destroys the focused attention, when circuits most be distinguished exactly and differentiated from other parts and similarly sounding words that blend losing the thread was my experience watching your videos; to understand the entire network requires basic fundamentals, I have now found in my own books, I forgot I had these treasures. I spent 5 months watching your videos, I discovered I could learn more reading my text books on auto repairs and circuits. I gave you my time and attention to your program wishing you the best, I am moving on. To the young men, who gave me excellent leads and maps, I will never forget you, grateful! Paul is not a teacher, I will thrive with, be vigilant and observant of all your teachers and don’t pretend you know what he is speaking about but be diligent, in what you do and most of all in what you do not know, and seek it, find the answers in your mind with due diligence to yourself only, don’t get caught in group manias; nurture and get to know your way of learning be it kinetic or auditory or visual, don’t worship an authoritarian bully, who calls himself a celebrity teacher. To Baderas when You spoke, I felt the vibration of cool breeze at ease and that you were comfortable with yourself not offended. To tech whisperer, I felt the vibe of I am too busy, I don’t know, what a fuel regulator behaves like in liquid. I was ok with it however it made me question if you are really being taught right. To Noah you are the caretaker protector, often the reluctant servant, who snaps, because you are not being care for yourself; I understood, be well and thank you for your previous pats on the back, it was appreciated. And you were praised for it.
Respectfully, Alexander Gonzalez.

To be or not to be: do be do be doo!

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21 Jan 2019 12:47 #26389 by ScannerDanner
Replied by ScannerDanner on topic throttle body 0 response to open / close corolla 2000
This user has been permanently banned from this site. Sorry for all the drama guys.

Don't be a parts changer!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Noah, Chad

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21 Jan 2019 14:10 #26399 by Columbus450
That was sure quite the novel lol

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21 Jan 2019 14:13 #26401 by Chad

"Knowledge is a weapon. Arm yourself, well, before going to do battle."
"Understanding a question is half an answer."

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