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15 Apr 2019 19:52 - 15 Apr 2019 19:57 #28729 by kevinedward1234
Religon was created by kevinedward1234
I am not religious, I deal with customers who are, through out the years of interacting with people, I find to be true, not always, but at times, religious people are two faced, back stabbing ignorant to intelligence , selfish, greedy , and some other really nasty things I won't mention, type of people.

People I have and deal with on a customer based level, people who just want their car fixed and not try and use their poor me excuses, tend to be better people in life, not needing a crutch to lean on and downgrade others, tend to be just that, hard working sane people.

What I am driving at is , too often I see people who are of a religious belief, be some of the nastiest people when it comes to money and honesty!

In my opinion, people use religion as a way to feel better about themselves on Sunday or Wednesday, and lie steal , cheat, do whatever during the rest of the week.

One bit of text I do find of interest is , let ye without sin cast the first stone, I probably got that somewhat wrong, but close enough!

Just an opinion, thanks for reading!
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Yesterday 07:38 #28805 by Noah
Replied by Noah on topic Religon
I've shared some of your observations in dealing with people, and found little use for religion in my personal life. That's not to say that there is no value in religion however.
I like to think that I have my head on pretty straight, and that my moral compass is more or less aligned.
I think that on a larger sampling of individuals, you'll find cheats and liars from all walks of life. Hypocrites pervade our society on all levels, and it's a shame that they dilute groups of people dedicated to charity and helping fellow man. That hypocrisy perhaps stands out in greater contrast in people who outwardly lable themselves according to their religion, but a majority of people are disappointing regardless of Creed.
Some people are genuinely good, generous people. When you find a rare, selfless individual who also is religious, it's a compliment to their personality. It's more than feeling good about yourself on Sunday, it's more about helping other people who are having a hard time seeing the positive things in life, or just need a hand through a rough patch of road.
That's my model of faith. Though I feel alone at times in a sea of immorality, I know that I am as good as I can be. Not for God nessicarily, but for other people who share my view and struggles.

"Learn, apply, repeat."

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Yesterday 15:09 #28819 by chief eaglebear
Replied by chief eaglebear on topic Religon
if you look at the characters in bible they were harlots murders thieves and tax collectors and other types of people it comes back to character and do we trust him enough to let him forge it if not that's ok eternity is a long time so im not gonna worry about what people think to much I have known jesus since I was six it is a belief you will never see anything for me he has been with me no matter what and it his goodness that will lead men to repentance and lords knows I have some repenting to do I don't want to go into next life wanting for a savior when he was there the whole time
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