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CO too high on Hyundai, rich condition, failed emissions test.

23 Mar 2019 20:07 #28050 by guafa
About evap system, you can have a small leakage, even if you have proper activation/deactivation. What about disconnect hose that take fuel gases into intake manifold and see what happend?

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25 Mar 2019 15:57 #28091 by guafa
You said this engine doesn't have EGR system, didn't you?

Have you checked any carbon deposits inside chambers?

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01 Apr 2019 16:49 #28355 by McFly1
Yes I checked the chambers with endoscope and all looks normal, minimal deposits on pistons. Same as when I rebuilt the head 2 years ago. So now I hooked the evap valve up to the scope to see when it activates. Strangely enough there seems to be voltage on the wire to ecm continuously, Then after a while it starts to go up and down rapidly, more like measuring an ignition pulse. Thought I had interference first, but that was not the case. I pulled the hose from the canister off of the valve and then it went to constant battery voltage again. When it oscillates and I pull the hose, I hear the valve make a rapid puttering noise. Seems to open and close rapidly?! The oscillating increases when revving the engine. Tomorrow I'm pulling the valve out and will test it on the bench with a battery.

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