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2000 Honda Odyssey 240k miles rough idle. Where to start??

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30 Aug 2018 18:51 #22953 by Noah
To answer your question, I believe you can remove the oil pressure sender down by the oil filter housing and thread your gauge in there.

However, I don't think measuring oil pressure will be fruitful.

Scary bottom end clunk=clearance issue=reduced oil pressure.

If the light came on, the pressure is probably just genuinely low.

Game over, sorry Honda engine.
A quarter of a million miles ain't a bad pull.

"Learn, apply, repeat."

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16 Mar 2019 06:41 #27870 by Dtnel
So the outcome of this was I gave him a estimate of 15 to 1700 for a used engine swapped out and installed and that was a hell of a deal on labor. Instead he decided to buy my $2,500 1998 Toyota Camry so I gladly sold it to him. So instead of him getting rid of the 2001 which the inside is trashed on he decided to keep it because his two nephews that came over from Sudan in the last 6 months and live with him we'll need a car to drive in the future he says.

All I can say is if he wants an engine put into that this summer when I'll be busy you better add about another $600 to the cost because that would be an after-hours deal. I was able to call out to the local transmission shop and they said if he brought it down their sign the title over they would give him $500 for the transmission and junk the vehicle for him so I don't understand why he didn't just throw an engine in it to begin with.

Funny thing is I told him to change the engine oil on the car I sold them because it was due and he had me install his license plates, yes he needed somebody to do that and when I looked he still hadn't changed the engine oil. I think I will let his wife know and she will crack that whip!

The good thing of all this is being that he bought the vehicle from me and I live across the street when he needs something fixed in the future he will bring it to me but I don't do oil changes as you can go to a while loop shop and get it done a lot quicker than I can go get the oil bring it back to my driveway Jack it up and do the work. I see and hear his Vehicles enough that I can tell when something is wrong with them which back and then in turn tell him something is wrong and get paid to fix it.

Sad part is that 98 Toyota Camry I saw him was in excellent shape with 162000 miles on it and well kept and now it's all dirty trashed on the inside and as he's proven isn't maintained and I've never seen a pop the hood so who knows what'll will happen to it

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